Solana Labs About to Onboard Half a Billion Gamers to Self-Custody

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25 Mar 2022
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Solana Labs About to Onboard Half a Billion Gamers to Self-Custody

Krafton, known for the classic game PUBG, plans to collaborate on game development, as well as make investments together with Solana Labs.

Gaming companies are becoming more kin to web 3.0, slowly stepping further to its integration within the gaming industry. This week the crypto enthusiasts have seen the ruffling of some feathers while the well-known battle royale giant PUBG announced its collaboration with Solana Labs.

The South Korean game developer Krafton has announced earlier this week a partnership with the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency creator, Solana Labs. This deal between the two companies could lead to a massive onboarding of new users to the cryptocurrency universe as there is a possibility for the introduction of the NFT tech into the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game, most known as PUBG.

Their long-term agreement covers plans on development and market blockchain and NFT-driven games set to run on the Solana network. There are also plans to explore co-investment opportunities. Although, this partnership is still in a preliminary contract, meaning that Krafton could still step back with no legal repercussions.

Krafton will continuously see ways to work closely with blockchain companies like Solana Labs as we work toward establishing our Web 3.0 ecosystem. Through this cooperation, Krafton will acquire the insight needed to accelerate its investment in and output of blockchain-based experiences.

Hyungchul Park, Krafton’s lead of web 3.0

PUBG is one of the most downloaded games of all time on Steam, with more than a million active users worldwide. They reached 696 thousand simultaneous players in early 2022 and sit today as the second most popular battle royale franchise these days, standing behind Fortnite, from Epic Games. The series has logged more than one billion downloads for its mobile iOS and Android edition, along with more than 75 million combined downloads for its PC and console entries. 

The free-to-play mobile game has reached an incredible mark of more than $7 billion in revenue via in-game purchases. The potential for this partnership in relation to the crypto space is something to keep an eye on. Can you imagine what would happen if all this volume comes into play in the near future? I bet you do.

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