How important is it to educate children on cryptocurrencies?

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25 Aug 2022
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How important is it to educate children on cryptocurrencies?

Recent surveys showed that while the interest for cryptocurrencies has grown in the past few years, nowadays parents seem to think this topic is needed in schools.

Furthermore parents and college graduates that have invested in crypto are more likely to spend money on crypto-education for their children. 

The survey showed that 64% of the parents and 67% of the college graduates surveyed believed that cryptocurrencies should be part of mandatory education. According to data research center Pew, around 88% of Americans have at least heard of cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrencies are considered by some people the future of the economy and a new way of thinking based on technology. The world of digital assets saw a significant rise last year. The total cryptocurrency market cap reached $3 trillion.

Also, web 3.0 is expected to create lots of new and exciting jobs so tech education and crypto could be incorporated into schools curriculums within the next three to five years. Some of the world’s top universities and educational institutions have already added crypto to the curriculum.

Harvard University

Harvard has added blockchain education to its curriculum, they have an online course titled “Breakthrough Innovation with Blockchain Technology” explores the combination of AI and blockchain across several industries. 

Harvard also has a blockchain student community with over 200 members which helds Weekly “Crypto 101” discussions, to support students to build and scale their cryptocurrency projects. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

United States Securities and Exchange Commision Chair Gary Gensler is teaching a blockchain course at the university and also has a Bitcoin (BTC) club, called the MIT Bitcoin Club. 

The University launched the MIT Digital Currency Experiment back in 2014 and distributed Bitcoin to students in a bid to foster cryptocurrency adoption.

National University of Singapore

NUS offers a blockchain curriculum that spreads across several fields and levels from beginners to CEOs and mid-level managers. They offer courses like “Enterprise Blockchain And DLT for Executives”, “Blockchain, Digital Currencies, And Distributed Ledgers”.

Oxford University

Oxford Foundry, the university’s entrepreneurship hub has a partnerships with Ripple to facilitate a wider blockchain technology and in terms of learning, it has one of the most comprehensive blockchain learning with courses like : “Blockchain Software Engineering” , “Blockchain For Managers” and “Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program”.

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