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Bianca D. Bianca D.
1 Apr 2022
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Energy Vampires is a collection of 10.000 unique Vampires living on the Elrond Blockchain, whose aim is to reduce carbon emissions and move towards renewable energy. They are “a synergy between digital property and green energy” and by owning an NFT you’ll actively engage in the energy transition and save the planet. 

Since Elrond became the first carbon-negative European blockchain, it was clear that Energy Vampire’s mission aligned with their vision, and Elrond was the perfect fit for the message they were trying to convey.

Elrond addresses the blockchain trilemma in terms of scalability, decentralisation and security and it also uses its own proof of stake consensus algorithm (SPOS), being 6 million times more energy efficient compared to Bitcoin which uses a proof of work mechanism.

Considering the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its global consequences in terms of economic growth, energy prices and inflation, Energy Vampires comes with a solution by developing an ecosystem to increase the production of energy in Romania. 

After the EU found itself in an unprecedented situation due to its high dependence on Russian gas (40%) they reunited in Versailles, Frances at a summit where it’s been agreed amongst the 27 leaders that countries would “phase out our dependency on Russian, gas, oil and coal imports as soon as possible’’ with a proposed end date of 2027.


Along with actively contributing to saving the planet and slowing climate change, you will be rewarded with benefits by being an NFT holder. The money raised from the sale will be distributed back to the community in the form of benefits, leisure, charity, investment in renewable energy and many more which will be announced in line with the roadmap.

The team behind the project is visible and can be verified via LinkedIn. The founders have over 10 years of experience in the field and have been involved in projects around Europe planning and delivering over 50 photovoltaic parks which are characterised by:  clean and green energy sources, reduced costs and significant impact on smart energy network.

Energy Vampires have also considered the less fortunate consumers who are vulnerable due to their financial situation, introducing a charity element as part of their focus. The team intends on identifying vulnerable consumers and supporting those struggling with their electricity bills through partnerships with ONGs.

With respect to the current climate and the ongoing gas crisis which is reflected in energy prices, the Romanian Government has proposed a series of measures to support vulnerable consumers.

While GEO 27/2022 entered into force on 22 March 2022, it will still be subject to a Parliamentary approval procedure. Some of the measures stipulated are regulated maximum prices for consumers, provisions applicable to suppliers/distribution operators that ensure the resale of electricity, Tax on additional revenues of electricity producers.

Energy Vampire’s whitepaper is available on their website along with a few educational documents on green energy and a chronology of the Romanian Renewable Energy Evolution explaining why green energy is considered an attractive investment prospect.

This is only a sneak peek of what the project has in mind, and you’ll want to stay close and keep an eye on the next article which will reveal more.

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