ORN is now listed on Kriptomat

Orion Protocol Orion Protocol
18 May 2022
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ORN is now available on Kriptomat, the user-friendly European cryptocurrency exchange.

Kriptomat is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, designed to let users safely buy and sell digital currencies in their local language and with local support. 


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ORN’s listing on Kriptomat is another point of access for buying ORN, creating further visibility to Orion Protocol and another easy way of participating in the ecosystem.

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Learn more: blog.orionprotocol.io/kriptomat

ORN is also available on: 

Coinbase | Coinbase Pro | Binance | KuCoin | AscendEX | Gate.io | MXC | Orion Terminal | BUX Crypto

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