How to avoid scammers during the Ethereum Merge

Amalia A. Amalia A.
14 Sept 2022
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How to avoid scammers during the Ethereum Merge

How many times have you been added to a list on Twitter by Vitalik Buterin saying you have a chance to win 5000 ETH. We hope you didn’t fall for that.

The huge problem on Twitter these days is the amount of bots and scammers sharing all sorts of malicious links to random people. 

While some describe the crypto space as the wild west because there are no regulations, others say we are responsible for being hacked.

So, there is no secret, that most people don’t keep their secret phrase a secret so they get hacked. Also, some people that lose their funds click on suspicious links or open all sorts of mail attachments. 

Hackers are getting smarter and more creative in developing new ways to access your wallet. 

Basically digital wallets are super-safe and cannot be hacked, however people tend to be sloppy with their phrases and passwords. So, even though our digital wallets are safe, our phones aren’t. 

So don’t take a screenshot of your secret phrase or save your accounts passwords on “passwords” app. Those are not safe places.

And now that we are expecting this great moment in crypto history, the Ethereum Merge, looks like Vitalik Buterin impersonators took over Twitter. 

Online publications shown 6 accounts verified on Twitter pretending to be Vitalik Buterin, replicate Buterin’s profile picture, name and profile description and promote fake ETH giveaways. 

So remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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