Legends of Atlantis Metaverse happening soon

Amalia A. Amalia A.
21 Apr 2022
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Legends of Atlantis Metaverse happening soon

Once a dominant and advanced naval power, the great island nation of Atlantis was inhabited by half-god, half-humans who enjoyed a lush, rich life in a society where technology and magic were one

That is until a brutal earthquake caused the island to be swallowed by a wrathful ocean. Being incredibly advanced, the Atlanteans used their technology and demigod powers to accelerate their evolution to survive and flourish underwater.

For centuries, Atlantis was lost to the outside world, until it was raised from the depths by its inhabitants and restored to its former glory. This time as its own breathtaking Metaverse.” - official website -> https://www.legendsofatlantisnft.com

In this Metaverse - NFT World number #6134 was acquired, and it is bigger than the whole Sandbox and Decentraland combined.

It takes 6 hours to explore the city entirely.

Several innovative games have already been built, allowing Atlanteans to interact, compete, and enjoy each other's conversation. They also built a Colosseum to allow Atlanteans to test their mettle against their fellow citizens in a “battle royale”.

Buying their NFT will give you access to the game. 1 Atlantean NFT = 1 Parcel pass NFT for free. You can buy land, build a villa and teleport yourself. 

Atlantis Metaverse will have its own token - Atlantium that will allow you to buy prime real estate, premium homes, unique weapons and vehicles in the metaverse.

100% of royalty profits will go back into the project in the form of research and development. 

For the final stages of their roadmap, they say they will donate a percentage of their mint funds to support the refugees of Ukraine.

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