Cryptocurrency startup MoonPay gets celebrities' endorsement

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17 Apr 2022
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Cryptocurrency startup MoonPay gets celebrities' endorsement

More than 60 celebrities already invested in the crypto payments startup MoonPay enhancing the crypto use case and helping to onboard millions of new users into the crypto space.

Launched around three years ago, with a team of two, the MoonPay cryptocurrency startup today is on a whole different level. After the recent investment round, bringing more than 60 celebrities to the environment, the company sits in a $3.4 billion evaluation.

Amongst the names involved in the fundraising are the actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, the rappers Drake and Snoop Dogg, as well as the tennis player celebrity Maria Sharapova and the singer Justin Bieber.

The announcement, published this Wednesday 13th by Reuters, shows up as a good indicator of the general onboarding in the cryptocurrency sector. Besides, it is worth remembering that today the 20º richest person in the world is a cryptocurrency exchange founder. That fact alone surely may have brought some light to those who are looking for new markets to invest in.


According to the startup website, its purpose is very simple: To enhance cryptocurrency adoption. To achieve it, the company allows its users to buy coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum with simplicity, acting in more than 160 countries.

The company stated that helped the website to raise its revenue by more than 500% with only its integration on the platform. That is mostly because of their multiple payment methods which paved the way to onboard a bunch of new users. Besides that, they recently started to work with NFTs, allowing the use of credit cards to buy digital assets.

The fact that all these renowned celebrities are investing in a cryptocurrency startup shows everyone that the sector is firmly and steadily growing, reaching audiences far beyond what was seen some years ago. Therefore, the MoonPay rise, which started as a two-man company, whose worth now surpasses the $3 billion mark is here to prove that there is no turning back on cryptonization.

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