eLittles NFT making noise in the Elrond Network community

Gabriel C. Gabriel C.
15 Apr 2022
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eLittles NFT making noise in the Elrond Network community

If you were wondering if NFTs are only for flipping, you have to think again because there is a project that offers real-life utility for its holders.

eLittles NFT is a new Elrond Network based project which recently started making some noise in the Elrond Network community. The Romanian Crypto unicorn, Elrond Network, is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, and enterprise use cases. It is one of the few projects on the market that addresses the blockchain trilemma in terms of scalability, decentralization and security. 

What makes eLittles NFT special?

The collection is going to be made up of 5555 unique NFTs and will deliver its utility by bringing upfront over 40 partners that offer discounts and promotions from the first purchased NFT. 

It offers special discounts and perks from a wide range of partners such as private medical clinics, the automotive industry, local shops, real estate developers, restaurants, hotels, media producers, the fashion industry and much more.

Some of the most known partners are Clinica Zetta, Proleasing Group, Ferma Gruiu, Biaggio, Fabrica Grivita and Upbuild. At first, all of these partners are from Romania. The goal is to reach the international market as well which can be seen as an ambition to develop the project even further.

The project has now opened the whitelist procedure that will offer 500 spots for the presale. The presale will ensure the right to buy 1 NFT per address at a price of 0.75 eGLD and the role of OG in the project. This will also entitle the owners to participate in extra giveaways. The price for the public sale will start at over 1 eGLD. 

More information regarding their partners and benefits, perks & giveaways, road map and team members can be found on their website and discord group.

eLittles NFT is basically a digital membership club, NFTs with benefits for its holders.

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