Peony Love - NFT Collection by Amalia Avram

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2 Apr 2022
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Amalia Avram is a Botanical Illustrator from Romania, who entered the NFT art world by launching her

first collection on Opensea, called “Peony Love”.

This collection is so special because Amalia Avram’s NFT artworks are based on feelings.

She combines colours in such a way, that they can send a message, a state of mind, a feeling.

Peonies are used as a call to women to accept and embrace their feminine nature.

She finds inspiration in nature and traditional folk art from Slavic culture. These motifs are soothing and calm and the symbols have such a powerful story to tell.

“Peony Love'' NFTs capture the essence of the feminine beauty and its energy in all its forms, that

brings warmth and grace to everyday life.


It reflects the sensibility that runs deep, yet close to the surface in women. Some women, growing up, forget or reject their true femininity. And this collection tries to help women come back to that feminine feeling, reconnect with their inner self and allow them to be whole and more complete.


The artist, Amalia Avram states that in order to understand her collections you need to be in touch

with the original feminine that flows to our veins.

This collection is not addressed only to women who seek power in a man's world, but also, is for all

those men who loved deeply, at least once, a woman. The loving mother, the wife, their innocent

daughter. The iconic feminine woman in their life.

Amalia Avram is a self-taught artist who believes that Artistic NFTs give a chance to every artist out

there, certified or self-taught, to make a career in the art world.

Also, NFTs allow all creators to make a living during their lifetime through their artworks and also leave something to their children (royalties).

Her first collection “Peony Love” is a mixture of digital art and watercolour leaves.

This collection has 50 pieces, all unique 1/1 NFTs at a floor price of 0.05 ETH and some of them are still available here ->

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